WXNWisdom Peer Mentoring

At the Women’s Executive Network (WXN), we inspire smart women to lead. We also know that the best leaders are constantly learning. Quite simply, if you are not enhancing your professional and personal skills then you are not optimizing your full potential. At WXN, we believe that the best learning is often done through mentoring relationships. This is why we created the WXNWisdom Peer Mentoring Program, based on the following five principles:

  1. Learn through the exchange of shared experiences
  2. Receive actionable advice from Peers and a Certified Executive Coach
  3. Challenge your thinking to move outside of your comfort zone
  4. Gain practical tools to help with personal and professional goals
  5. Build your own set of coaching skills

This program is designed specifically for individuals like you who are willing to learn, to grow, and to participate in a peer-to-peer confidential setting. There are three different levels to the Peer Mentoring Program, to ensure that you are grouped with women of similar achievement: Mid-Level Executives, Senior Executives, and Entrepreneurs & Professional Service Providers.

Over the course of six months, your Peer Mentoring Group (consisting of 6-10 like-minded women) will be the arena for you to openly exchange ideas and opportunities about personal and professional situations. Through the guidance from your group and your Certified Executive Coach, you will leave each session with a new sense of possibility, armed with actionable, practical advice. A foundation of our program is that the group holds one another accountable to their action plans. Through this element of reciprocity, you become both the mentee and the mentor, thereby developing your own advisory skills.

More than ever, women are now looking to ‘lean in’ to one another, own their ambition, and accelerate their career paths. What better way to achieve this than to participate in WXNWisdom Peer Mentoring. Become the listener, the learner, and the advisor by registering for WXNWisdom Peer Mentoring today.

Who are my Certified Executive Coaches?

Ottawa: Camille Boivin, Sister Leadership
Calgary: Jenn Lofgren, Incito Consulting
Edmonton: Mary Johnson, Bridgeworks Consulting
Montréal: Sylvie Labelle, CFI Syllab Inc
Toronto: Debra Forman, Pinstripe Coaching, and Beth Oakes, The Oakes Group
Vancouver: Cynthia Roney, Executive Passage

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