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Meditation for your Third Eye

27 Jan


Welcome back to Sister Leadership! Today is a ‘part two’ on my post last week around St. Germain and the purple flame. Here today I have for you a special mediation recorded to help you bring that purple light inside of yourself as you tap into your openness to the universe and focus on your third eye.

In my opinion, the third eye opens our centre of inner awareness (our present SQ theme ). We first need to connect with the self before we can fully connect with the Spirit . Self-awareness of who we are brings enlighten of how powerful we are.

So, let yourself relax and find a comfortable position – whether it is sitting up or laying down, that is up to you. And then let the mediation flow. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and if you would like to a particular mediation in the future for your own moments of ‘aha’ let me know. We’ll see what can be done.

Now, enjoy. ~Cam


Opening up with St Germain

20 Jan

I want to tell you a little story about how I use my connection to St Germain in meditation. Okay, get ready, this is a bit different in tone and track from other posts on Sister Leadership, but it’s also a deep part of living with spirituality – and for me, this kind of experience is part of success and a good life.

377566_10150913439080551_2092581129_nSo here’s my story of growing self-awareness, which ties into the SQ component of chakras. Chakras connect to our emotional self-awareness. This includes the ability to differentiate between subtleties in our own emotions while understanding their cause and the impact they have on our thoughts and actions and those of others.

Just over a decade ago, I had this captivating dream about John the Baptist, and in that dream he mentioned that I should connect with a fellow named St. Germain. I didn’t know who that was, but it was such a powerful dream that the suggestion remained. So upon waking up with an image of St Germain and his purple flame in my mind, I felt curious to learn more.

It turns out, St Germain has many different identities and definitions. But as I learned about him and his connection to a kind of ancient wisdom as an ascended master, I found myself connecting with his healing energy and the colour of purple that is associated to his power. In some ways, connecting with St Germain and his improbable, ancient, spiritual and energy ways opened up my willingness to experience the world away from logic.

So since that dream, I have used him in my mediations. His associated colour purple of The Purple Flame has become my colour, too. I love to wear it; I resonate to it and use it in my own meditations with the 3rd eye and crown.

Why am I sharing this truth of the dream and my meditations around St Germain today? Well, I’ve been wanting to come forward with this more spiritual and energetic side of myself. And to be honest, I struggled in deciding whether or not to blog on his ancient wisdom considering St Germain’s various types of storylines. But sometimes you just need to trust your gut, right?

The other day in my personal coaching session, I felt this tiny part of doubt around telling this story. And as I expressed that doubt to my coach, I said aloud, “I’d just like one more sign to show that it is okay,” – and as I said it, my fingers flicked forward and I accidentally ended the call between my coach and I! Then, after the call was re-established, I pushed the key that had caused the shut down and this time nothing happened. So, that was my sign – that’s how I interpret that moment.

That’s how I move forward, trusting signs – be it a squirrel in the forest or a flick of the keyboard, and resonating with St Germain and his purple flame.

Next week I’ll have a special mediation for you around this idea of ancient wisdom and the purple flame. I’ll be recording it myself, and sharing it here for you. Much like the Rose Room, my hope is that it fills you up with openness and healing.

Till next week!


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