Past Themes

Jeanne D ArcSister Leadership is at the core a platform of support for women’s emerging in business, and also a place to explore how stories and that essence of spirituality can work its way into our lives and purpose. With that in mind, we love to play with creative theme.

So far, we’ve explored storytelling, fairytales, adventuring, as well as inspirations such as Da Vinci and Joan of Arc. Our current avenue of exploration is taking us toward the different intelligences. With an overarching look into spiritual intelligence, we’ll be diving further into the multiple intelligences. (Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence being a continuing aspect of Sister Leadership)

Read along with our current posts, but don’t forget to browse past topics. Maybe you’ll find becoming a renaissance women, breaking out of your tower, or finding your own way out of a dense forest.

Past Themes:

Jeanne D’Arc

Leonardo Da Vinci

Fairy Tales

Deep Forest

Emotional Intelligence

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