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A Guide for this Friday’s Rose Room

8 Jan

Rose Room PictureWe’re excited for our first Rose Room event with Sister Leadership! This week we’re featuring Catherine Brunelle. But if you’d like to be part of the Rose Room, just send an email to

Keep in mind that we’re still growing with this idea. After your experience “in the Rose Room” this week, please do leave your comments on the blog. We want to hear your experience and feedback.

Where is the Rose Room? For now it’s a state of mind we’ll help create on our blog. In this post, we’ll give you two audio clips to listen to come Friday at 8.00pm.

The first audio clip, which you can start playing at 8.00pm is an introduction to the Rose Room.

Click this link to be taken to the introduction. (Audio should begin to play on its own.)

The second audio clip, which you can stay playing after the introduction is a meditation.

Click this link and listen to the meditation.

The entire experience should take about fifteen minutes.

Remember, if you miss the arranged time that is okay. Listen to the audio and send your energy to Catherine when you are able. It will have a powerful impact even if you are not meditating on Friday at 8.00pm (EST).

If you’d like to read a script rather than listen to the audio, click here for a PDF that you can follow and/or download.

See you on Friday at eight. Again, we are learning here, so your feedback is hugely welcome. Please do leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Welcome to the Rose Room

6 Jan

Rose Room 1Women have had a history of being there for others. In a winner-focused approach to business, this putting forward of another can almost appear to be a weakness. Support is a sacrifice of our own time and talent, a sacrifice many women know very well. And yet, the feminine energy of support has so much power behind it. Whatever or whoever caused this energy to be seen as weak got the picture wrong. And despite concepts like guerrilla marketing, being the big dog, or top-down management (ideas that are becoming old fashioned), success really rests in support.

The feminine energy of caring is akin to a super power. Imagine what we have created when we’ve chosen to give time and energy to another—we’ve given life, we’ve given care, we’ve given compassion, we’ve given love. This is the stuff that changes the world for the better.

With that in mind, Sister Leadership has a brand new project for everyone to collaborate with in 2014. It’s called the Rose Room. ‘Cause we’re this amazing circle of women putting out our talent, bringing success to our and others lives, and we’re happy to support one another. In short, we are a resource. So let’s put that energy to good use.

What is the Rose Room?

It’s a room in our minds, on this website, and in our calendars. Whenever one of us needs good intentions sent our way, we ‘put’ that into the Rose Room. Then, on an agreed date and time, everyone stops and sends that feminine energy of support to the person in the Rose Room.

Rose RoomWho can go in the Rose Room?

Anyone! We’re a community of communities at Sister Leadership. I’ve always believed in supporting women across all the Ottawa, Ontario and Canada networking associations and beyond. Good people aren’t grouped together by networks, we’re grouped together by intention. So let’s offer up those intentions to whoever says, “please think of me.”

Is it a weakness to be in the Rose Room?

Are you kidding? It’s the biggest act of strength a person can have. Watch Amanda Palmer’s video on how to ask, and tell me that doesn’t take all kinds of courage. Being in the Rose Room is strengthening whatever direction, idea, business, or intention you need strengthened. Whether you have a big meeting, have been feeling down, want to become more mindful of your spirit, grow your health, etc., being in this room is only about support, not judgement. You are so brave to step forward.

What if I forget to participate?

No problem, just stop, reflect, and send that support whenever you do remember. That’s the beauty of support – a person can feel that power in their needed moment no matter when or where or how you send them that thought (energy, intention, call it what you like it.)

How do we get started?

usWe’re going to start with our first Rose Room participant, Catherine Brunelle. Catherine is part of the Sister Leadership team as well as being a newly published author. She’s been charging forward with her dreams, and we’ve been having some amazing coaching sessions. This past summer as she charged ahead to publish her novel, she was also diagnosed with stage four cancer. Catherine has asked that we think of her as she returns from visiting family in Hungary and lands in Canada “to take on the real world again” on January 10th, 2013 at 8.00pm. So, just after your dinner, stop and picture Catherine living a happy, healthy and totally free life in 2014 and beyond.

Catherine, may your body heal as you keep chasing your dreams of sharing your writing. And good luck with your novel The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending. This coming Friday, we’ll have you in our Rose Room and will be visualizing you reaching the amazing goals and dreams that are right at the tips of your fingers. We will see you smiling, and successful, and totally free.

Would you like to be in our Rose Room, or know sometime who could benefit? Can you share this idea with a friend or colleague who can join us in this visualization? We’d love for you to share the Rose Room with others. And if you would like to come into the room for that blast of support and visualization, leave a comment below or email me at Camille@SisterLeadership with “Rose Room” in the subject.

Till next week,


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