What is an Intuit Leader?

16 Sep

What is an Intuit Leader? It’s a leader who works with intuition or, as some call it, gut instinct.

First, let me define intuition from my point of view. Its essence is spiritual. It’s opening yourself to all possibilities, to that which is universal. It’s about connecting to the human vibration from within and to the limitless field of information or, as some call it, the energetic field, the Source, Mother Earth, or for others the Buddha, the God force. It’s inside of us and outside of us as we are interconnected consciously and unconciously.

It’s simple. When I’m in Spirit or being intuitive, I achieve insight more easily. With steps forwards and some back, I am learning to increase my intuition.

How you might ask? By simply acknowledging the fear, by trusting that I have the power inside to be intutitive and confident. By taking action to move forward and by anchoring the positive feedback as I use my intuition.

Intuition taps into leadership insights based on four core lenses through which we see the world: empowerment, purpose, cooperation and courage. Using these lenses endows me with confidence, calmness and trust, and leads to a synchronicity which can create any number of benefits. Perhaps there are different benefits for you and I’m on a journey to explore what intuition will open up for you in the next couple of months.

An Intuit Leader connects to the universal energy field of information that resides both in us and around us and is willing to see inner wisdom and experience as a valuable resource. As described in my previous post, I’ve been working on a framework that will make you more aware about the process of intuition in your life, and in your role as a leader.

I’ve discussed, in past series, how Emotional Intelligence, one of the multiple intelligences, plays a role in filtering how we see the world from a perspective of emotions as opposed to that of Kinesthetic Intelligence (what I call Body Smart) which feels the world by being physically present.

Today we’re going to share with you the 16 leadership traits that I’ve been discussing on Sister Leadership and place them in a framework so you can see the bigger picture of intuitive processing.

Sister Leadership Intuit Leader Framework



I’ve been discussing leadership and intuition in the context of not only the different types of intelligences, but also different competencies or leadership traits. As you can see in the framework, I’ve assigned the 16 competencies to the four core lenses or insights of an Intuit Leader.

In the context of different intelligences, I’ve discussed Being in the Flow, Presence, Chakras, Compassion, Resilience, Diversity, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self-Awareness, Humility, Innovation, Oneness, Problem Solving, Virtuosity, Vocation, and Wholeness. Now I’ll expand understanding of these through the framework.

Over the course of the next four weeks, this Intuit Leadership Framework will be broken down lens by lens, and within each, I’ll map out for you how these competencies link to each leadership insight, and how they impact the bigger picture of our intuitive selves.

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