Intuition through the filters of our experiences and lenses of leadership

8 Sep

We see the world based on our beliefs and habits, which is partly a sum of our past experiences. For instance, I like to quantify and assign numbers to my world. Everything can be measured. It’s one of my methods for understanding the world. I’m good at that.

But with Body Smart, I’ve tried switching filters through using my body to understand the world. It’s been a fascinating challenge, and in a sense it’s sharpened my focus and heightened my intuition. While at other times, I flip on my visually based lens to focus – examining the world in consideration of colours and textures. And in a sense this paints my world.

We have at least nine filters of how we interpret the world with our senses: linguist/verbal, visual, nature, logic, body smart, self-awareness, music/rhythm, emotional, and spiritual. So imagine how on a day you can use these different filters on your camera lens. How will the world change with each new filter added? What are the filters composed of, and how does your past experience influence this? Are there some you use far more than others?

You and I already have intuition, of course. But you know what? Just like we upgrade our phones and their camera, we can upgrade our intuition. I was using an iPhone for some time, and then tried my partner’s Samsung – what a difference I suddenly saw in the photo quality! It was better and sharper than I’d realized was possible. Since digital photography is all about the quality and intensity of light, lens filters are often necessary to modify the light.

We need to keep upgrading our lens and filters. Like the camera has a macro, fishbowl, zoom lenses . . . we can offer co-operation lenses, courage lens, empowerment lens, and the purpose lens upon which we can focus. These are core leadership lenses. How do you lead with cooperation, courage, empowerment and purpose? Create your distinct look with your mix of 16 cutting edge leadership attributes. Our filters of multiple intelligences are much like filters of our digital camera. They are indispensable for capturing the present moment even in extremely difficult conditions of darkness, they can enhance colors in the way we see the world, reduce reflections or can simply protect our lenses. It’s less costly to replace a filter than buy a new lens.

Past many weeks, sixteen or more, have resulted in me creating more awareness around being present in my body during the Kinesthetic Body Smart series. This has allowed me to be more intuitive. Since I’ve been more present and focused into my body I have been trusting myself. This has been a journey of looking inwards.

One takeaway is that being body smart strengthens our ability to tap into intuition. But it’s more than that – because the bigger question is, what does that intuition bring me? What can it offer us in general? For me, it was managing the unknown with calm. For others, accessing the intuition unleashes more creativity. How different would your world be if you could connect intuitive insights immediately to stop the constant chatter in your head?

For instance, friends were expected to visiting my cottage, but running late. My first response in this situation was to revert to my analytical intelligence, in watching the clock. But this didn’t help anything. I then jumped to my emotional intelligence, which rather than calming me, instead filled me with concern around their well being—did they get into an accident? With fear rising, I finally switched to my kinesthetic intelligence and calmed myself in my body. From here, with that filter of intelligence in place, I finally grounded myself and found my intuition. It said, they’ll be here soon, seven minutes or so. And what do you know? They arrive eight minutes later. It was an empowering moment. I had finally found the right lens, and it strengthen my sense of finding that needed intuition.

Lenses and filters allow us to view the picture of our reality in different ways, clear, sharp, focused, coloured, tinted, dim, bright, and more. They are vehicles for insights and self-discovery. We use many lenses in life – and the sharpest moments we can capture are done by using the well-crafted of lenses. Add different filters to your lens, and see the world from another perspective.

We’ll be talking about what creates core leadership lenses: cooperation, purpose, empowerment, and courage. As we dig deeper into this lens method of leadership, we will explore how you build your perspective, and how these thing scan be tweaked in pursuit of stronger leadership and intuition. More is to come!


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