Strengthen Your Weakest Intelligence

25 Aug

Time has flown with this Body Smart challenge! Across these handfuls of weeks, I have been pushing hard to raise my Body Smarts, and have been training frequently.

Before we bridge over to our next series here on Sister Leadership, I want to recap just how important this challenge has been to me in increasing my body wellness, and in building my intuition.

As you may know, this time of training has been coupled with many family hurdles; my mother has been in and out of the hospital, and while I’ve been lifting weights in the gym, my family and I have been negotiating the heavy weight of care and illness.Care GivingIt all started with a fitness evaluation. My body was 10 years older than its chronological age in August 2014. That was a shock, and yet, not a shock. Of all the Intelligences, Body Smarts (i.e. Kinesthetic Intelligence) is most definitely my weakest area. We’ve covered a few different types of smart on the blog so far: Emotional, Logical, Spiritual; all areas where I feel quite comfortable. Body Smarts is not the case, it was very intimidating territory.

It has been rewarding, though – there’s been a kind of strengthening and decluttering taking place within my tissues, and it has made me open to trusting my intuition and responding with confidence. But you know what? It’s also been hard.

How do you become strong in your weakest area? How do you overcome the issues you’ve always wanted to avoid? Can we strengthen our weakest intelligences?

I’ve realized something in looking at how I’ve approached this. Essentially, I’ve become Body Smart by depending upon the other skills in which I’m strong. Being a Logical Smart person, I’ve used numbers to track my progress.

A year ago (August 2014), I weighed 153 pounds and today August 2015, I weigh 149.7 pounds – I broke the 150 mark. It’s been a long road as in late 2013 I was 156 pounds.

A year ago, my body fat was 38.2 per cent and today, it’s 33.2 per cent – 5% less, however, I still have 19.8 lbs to loose of body fat. Can you imagine that? Today, my lean body mass index is healthy at 54.9% and I only need to put an extra quarter pound of muscle on my body. My muscles are adequately developed in my body.

Just seeing these markers has given me goals towards which I can work.

But it hasn’t just been my Logical Smarts! My Emotional Smarts have guided me as well, because – as you may or may not know – our bodies are time capsules of emotions. From releasing my fascia to doing yoga, so much tension has been related to the bigger picture of past traumas as well as current problems. I’ve had moments of tears as a massage therapist has pushed into a tight spot in my body, and triggered flashes of memories and emotions.Body_TrustIt’s been hard, and yet, I’m so grateful to have taken on this challenge. Because, you see, there’s been another shock – bigger than any fitness evaluation – in these past several months in the form of my mother’s diagnosis of terminal lung cancer.

What came from this was family struggles and fall out, emergency hospital visits, the struggles of chemotherapy, difficult questions that needed to be asked, and more.

My body has been tested. Emotions have been heavy. There’s been so much weight of care giving, hurt emotions, fear, and concern. Thank God I’ve been working to move away past emotional baggage, thank God I’ve been strengthening my body to breathe when I’m in a tight spot, and I’ve become aware of its reactions, thank God my sense of intuition has become sharpened. Without all that my mother’s illness would have been much more difficult to handle.

Before I wrap up, I just want to share a quick story. At the start of this Body Smart challenge, I wondered how my intuition would be impacted by the kinesthetic journey. Well, just the other day a remarkable thing happened.

I was driving to the hospital to visit my mother who had been admitted once again after an emergency. As I drove onto the hospital grounds, I suddenly had an urge to not park in my usual spot. So instead, I found a completely different area, drove up five levels and parked. Then, I began to walk to the building, but as I did this, I thought to myself ‘Cam, did you lock the door of your car?’ and so, I walked back to check.

Normally at this point, I’d feel frustrated. But this time, my body was relaxed. I trusted that for some reason I was being delayed and that was okay.


Finally I made it into the hospital, entering through a new door, and began to navigate the maze of hallways that makes the Ottawa General. And in doing that, I ran into my sister and her husband!

Things have been challenging in the family since Mom’s diagnosis, but there were things I needed to speak with my sister about – important points that had to be clarified. Suddenly there she was in front of me. The discussion was still difficult, but it was better for being in person. These were words that shouldn’t be said over the phone, and in person I could understand her reactions far better.

But if I hadn’t trusted my gut, if I hadn’t taken it easy and relaxed, then we would have missed one another and I would have missed that opportunity.

That’s just one example of how my body and my intuition have strengthen together. The more I explore the different intelligences, the more remarkable this entire series has become in my mind. Coming up next, we’ll be sharing a new model with you and explain why this all matters.

In the meanwhile, thank you for being part of this journey. And if you are thinking of tackling your weakest intelligence, know that it is worthwhile – exhale when doing the hard work and use the tools for the other intelligences that I’ve told you about in past posts.

Till next week!



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