Forgiveness through wellness, with Jessica Keats

21 Jul

I am so honoured to be sharing this conversation around forgiveness with Jessica Keats of Yoga with Jessica. I thought it captivating to understand the mind and spirit of a women who taps into our breath and physical bodies to heal our inner selves.

You might think forgiveness is an external experience – where someone else does a wrong, and then we need to forgive and forget. But according to Jessica, it’s actually far more of a personal journey and when you take care of yourself there is less that needs to be forgiven because it never becomes an issue.

I felt a deep connection with her based on a shared confidence in the wisdom which resides in our bodies which I believe is evident in the video.

Listen to this conversation between myself and Jessica. I’m convinced that it will leave you with new ideas. Also, I’m thrilled to bring the format of video to the Sister Leadership dialogue. Many thanks to Jessica for her participation and willingness to be flexible while we experiment!


Jessica_KeatsJessica Keats is a registered yoga teacher with over 2,000 hours of experience teaching group classes, workshops and leading trainings. As she worked with her students, she noticed that they all came to yoga to feel relief from their stress, their tightness and their pain. In 2011, she began and continues therapeutic yoga training with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy. Using a clear understanding of “pure” and simple movement, she continues to help herself gain stability, strength and ease so she can also help her students experience and find lasting comfort and feel better.



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