Emotional Push Ups

19 May

It’s often not easy to do the heavy emotional lifting needed to face deep memories, reactions and habits. In today’s post, I’ll share with you how I’m rocking it in the gym, and how facing challenges physically is giving me the energy to face them emotionally. I’m moving from the kinesthetic to the emotional, and feeling thrilled with the results.


These past weeks, I’ve been pushing my body – pushing it to work harder, lift higher, and heal deeper. Wednesdays at the gym with my trainer are particularly hard; it’s upper and lower body day, with loads of core work. With each new week, I had honestly dreaded Wednesday at the gym. But now, week four into this personal challenge, the work is getting do-able. Wednesdays don’t scare me anymore, my body is getting stronger! There’s something about breaking a sweat, pushing hard, doing those reps that is starting to motivate me.

In helping my body feel better, my emotions are lighter and I feel more connected – more intuitive. Last week I had a particularly hard knot of rage to face during my session with my personal coach, MC Lessard. These emotions are recurring, and I dreaded dealing with them head on once again. Heavy emotional lifting needed to be done, much like my Wednesdays at the gym!

As my coach led me into the issues on my mind, I located the source of anger within my body. It was there in my solar plexus, the center of willpower and identity, and it  looked in my mind’s eye like a yellow ball of energy.

Chakras are telling, and if you pay attention they can offer insights that connect the body, emotions and our energy system. Essentially, they are psycho-spiritual centers in our energy channel and are characteristic of Eastern medicine practiced in India and China for 10,000 years. Chakras connect to our emotional self-awareness. This includes the ability to differentiate between subtleties in our own emotions while understanding their cause and the impact they have on our thoughts and actions and those of others.

So there was this ball of energy, this ball of rage – the feelings I’ve tried to suppress through caring and trying to fix others, feelings of judgement and feelings of frustration.

During my coaching session, we worked on releasing that ball of energy – letting it go, tackling that heavy emotional load. And somehow, just like flicking a switch – it melted away. I felt relaxed. I didn’t want to judge anymore. I didn’t want to fix anyone. I could simply let it go.

Much like I broke through in the gym, I broke through in my emotional work. It’s a darned good feeling.
How did I let go? During that session, I had the pleasure of spotting a goldfinch land beside the window.

The bird was a vibrant yellow – the same kind of yellow I had pictured in my solar plexus chakra. And as it flew away, I imagined being with it, freed from those heavy emotions of needing to fix people, and frustration from not being able. I pictured myself high above the world, and looking down as a simple observer – untouched by the troubles of others, flying high and happily in the air.

In the practice of NLP, we call this way of seeing the world the OMNI position (Open Mind New Ideas). It shows the moving energy between all the perspectives of life: yours, anothers, and that of the fly on the wall or observer. Truly, the OMNI position exemplifies the Universal Energy Field or God force that flows around us, between us, and connects us.

Life takes some heavy lifting, and to life we need commitment for the betterment of ourselves. I deeply believe in the connections between body, mind and emotion,  and feel that working out in the gym has helped me work out in my life. And, check this out: Down 3.8% body fat these past two weeks! Just last week I tried on a suit from four years back, and it fit again!

Have you ever felt the connection between mind and body? If so, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Till next time,


2 Responses to “Emotional Push Ups”

  1. MC Lessard May 20, 2015 at 13:16 #

    What a privilege and delight to be your coach Cam! I appreciate the acknowledgement and honour the work you’ve been doing, both emotionally and physically. May your betterment expand in all spheres!♥


  1. Heal Deeper | Women's Business Network of Ottawa - May 21, 2015

    […] In helping my body feel better, my emotions are lighter and I feel more connected – more intuitive. Last week I had a particularly hard knot of rage to face during my session . . . read on. […]

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