What is Body Smart?

8 Apr

What is Body Smart?

In August 2014, I had a fitness evaluation done. My personal profile revealed that I had the ‘body age’ of a 63 year old. That’s 10 years older than my chronological age of 53. Imagine my surprise! In light of this evaluation, I committed to a gentle one or two day per week session with a trainer. Since then, I’ve been striving to keep to that commitment, and have seen the muscle development in my body. It’s been quite incredible.

cam and coach_8891

As we move into discussing how Body Smart impacts all aspects of life, I want to dive a little bit deeper into what it means to be body smart, and shed some light on how it could interact with our intuition.

So, what is Body Smart?

To become Body Smart is to tune into the different aspects and intelligences of the body. We’re not just trains of thoughts charging through life: we feel, we digest, we smell, we heal, we grow – so much of life is experienced and interpreted on a bodily level. This series is going to wake you to all the different ways we can work and be with our bodies in life, and how that can make us not just better leaders in business, but more well-rounded and intuitive beings.

Some folks are uniquely gifted in the different aspects of Body Smart. You’ll see their stories featured here in the upcoming weeks.

Are you Body Smart? Do you match this description?

You are aware of your body? Have you honed certain aspects to tap deeply into the physical world or into careers you love like healing, cooking, acting, running or more. If you are Body Smart, you probably learn best through feeling, moving around and experimentation. You are more sensitive to the physical world around you. You notice and appreciate textures, for example in jewelry or fabric.

If you are naturally Body Smart, you’ll be great at communication through body language. When you are learning a new skill or topic, you would prefer to experiment by ‘jumping in’ and the thought of sitting in a classroom to listen to someone else talk is difficult. You would prefer to pull a watch apart and put it back together, rather than reading or looking at images about how it works.

Sound like you? Let us know in the comments if you resonate with the idea of Body Smart, and how that has been a bonus to your life and career.


I’m setting a challenge to myself, and it’s rather intense. If you want to follow along, we can motivate one another – so just shout out and we can journey through it together. While working with my trainer, I’ve seen my body strengthen, and with it I think my intuition has grown. So, over the next two months I’ll be putting this idea to the test by challenging myself between April 27-June27 to get to the gym three times a week. Not only that but I’ll be tracking my nutrition and logging any changes. It’s my hunch that my intuition and sense of awareness is going to go up as I begin to feel even better in my own skin.

Want to take on this challenge with me? If you’ll be increasing your workout schedule, let me know and we will cheer you on too! Comment below or share on Facebook.

I’m really looking forward to this new Body Smart series, and hope you enjoy the great stories to come!

Till next week,

P.S. Sister Leadership is soon to have a redesign! Stay tuned.


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