Meet Rachel Décosta

13 Jan

This week we’re introducing you to a dynamic woman, Rachel Décoste. Ms. Décoste and I met during a networking session, and I was impressed with her charity work and engagement in  political activism. She is a women who works both locally and internationally in her campaigns, projects and charity, from the Children’s Aid Society to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, Free the Children, S.O.S. Montford Hospital and more.

After our meeting, I thought Ms. Décoste could be the perfect fit to talk about diversity from a spiritual intelligence perspective.

Being spiritually diverse means to respect beliefs that you may not share about religion, spirituality, politics, culture or other systems. Your capacity to embrace spiritual diversity relates to, or affects, the essence of your being, human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

This week's Spiritual Intelligence theme is

This week’s Spiritual Intelligence theme is Diversity.

Looking at Ms. Décosta’s diverse portfolio of community involvement, we dove into questions around her life involving politics, and her ability to champion SI diversity.

1.    Describe your passion for politics and the need for the landscape to change for women or other minority groups.

“That is a grave misconception. I have a passion for people, for justice, for equality and inclusion. Make no mistake: political activism is a conduit, not a cause. Women and minorities bring a perspective that is often flagrantly missing from the roster of usual suspects. If Canada is to live up to its promise, it behooves our seats of power to make room for everyone at the decisional table.”

2.    How are you spiritual in your politics? Have you ever had a moment of celebration and or heartache fulfilling your mission in life?

“I like to look on the positive side of things. The greatest lessons are learned in the midst of struggle. It requires ingenuity and grit to persevere in the face of adversity. Those qualities build character and strength.”

3.    How do you keep your spiritual fire burning to ensure that you fulfill your purpose?

“My ancestors were slaves with every reason to give up hope in the face of the crushingly brutal practice that was the peculiar institution. They didn’t just survive; they fought and won their freedom against all odds in 1804. My spiritual strength has been bequeathed through my bloodline. It is a fire I never have to light — it is at once inherited and everlasting.”


Sister Leadership would like to thank Ms. Décoste for her time in sharing with our community. If you’d like to learn more about her (you can check out her blog, as well as follow her on Twitter), visit her website at

Now let’s hear what you think:

What is your definition of diversity from a Spiritual Intelligence perspective?

Are women growing their voice in the political realm, if so how, and if not – why?

We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments below 🙂

Till next week,


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  1. Judy Levine January 13, 2014 at 11:03 #

    Cam, I signed up for your newsletters.  Toured your site and VERY impressed.  I am so proud of!  Will discuss over lunch.            Judy “Make” Yourself A Great Day



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