Being in the Flow with Lise Dejardins

18 Nov

It was in 2008 when I first met Lise Desjardins. We were at a NLP training event. Back then, I found her to have a very nice balance between the head and the heart. Several years later, when we met again at a Women’s Business Network annual general meeting, it was a pleasure to run into her and hear about how she’s attuned into the holistic healing arts. Hearing her experiences, I thought she’d make a perfect fit for our Spiritual Intelligence series on the Sister Leadership blog. And so today, we’re so pleased to welcome Lise in an email interview to talk about Being in the Flow.

[Our definition for Being in the Flow: To act, think and be aligned with our environment, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs and values , identity and purpose in life. Living accordingly in calm, peace, vibration, frequency, and energy where everything flows easily.]


This week’s SQ topic: Being in the Flow

Professionally, Lise works in risk management, assisting clients with their investigative and risk mitigation needs. She may be a master of troubleshooting problems for others, but what about staying in the flow with her own needs? Sometimes, as I’m sure you know, it’s easier to be calm and strategic for others than it is for ourselves.

1. How do you know when your intuition is flowing and you feel you are on the right track?

 I know because I don’t question my decisions or actions in life, even if they are not necessarily favourable. I have a sense of ‘knowing’ that it’s the right direction/action to take. My higher self is working, rather than my ego. When I doubt and question my decisions/actions I know my ego is at play rather than my intuition, and so, I try to recognize that and rethink my decision/action before I go forward.

flowwater-0022. Describe a moment of being in the flow and how did it help you make a decision? What part is connected to being in Spirit or connected to a larger purpose?

Very recently at work my manager criticized me for my lack of knowledge concerning the functioning of my printer and laptop. My immediate reaction was one of hurt and anger. Once I recognized the ‘old patterns’ kicking in, I realized that my ego was reacting, so I stopped and connected to my higher self to settle me. Once calling on my intuition, I came to a state where I realized reaction (of any kind) was not necessary. I also tapped into the ‘larger purpose’ in the situation, that being, showing respect and humility to my manager. What part is connected to each is a question that I’m not 100% sure of, but, I would have to say that intuition played a larger part.

3. Who do you know who models being in the flow and what are the three qualities you admire most?

My dear Reiki Master is an individual who models being in the flow. The three qualities I admire the most are: 1) living in the moment, 2)  not reacting to any given situation, and, 3)  not being emotionally attached to anything or anyone. If I may, I will add a fourth and fifth quality, those being, 4) not giving away one’s power, and when one does, energetically, taking it back, and, 5) being very devoted to prayer and energy work.

We would like to send a big #SisterNod and thank you to Lise for being game and answering our questions. If you want to share your own responses, or your thoughts on Lise’s answers, please do leave your comment below or on our facebook page.


cararesourcesNow, to dip into the Sister Leadership toolbox. This week, we’ve been talking about Being in the Flow. Being in the Flow is when you act, think and are aligned with your environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs and values, identity and purpose in life. Since changes happen at many levels of our being, from our behaviour to our identity, they empower us. In this SL exercise, you will learn to flow between various levels of change and ask questions to promote change on many levels. Click through to the exercise, and get started on tapping into your many levels.

Till next week, we wish you much insight and opportunity.

Take care,

Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ360, a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has been coaching high-level women and men for over six years, and is now opening her expertise to those emerging in business. Camille pulls her blog topics from her unique coaching approach that combines her training as a EQi 2.0 and EQ360 certified facilitator with the dig-deeper tools of NLP.

Get in touch here if you’d like to talk with Cam about group or one-on-one coaching, and EQ assessments. With the miracle of Skype and telephones – distance is no issue!


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