Journal Writing Meets Meditation

10 Jun

journal writingThis past weekend was very exciting. I had the privilege and pleasure of joining the incredible Robin Sharma for a weekend workshop. Prior to this event (and don’t worry, I’ll be sharing insights from the weekend later on), we were challenged to try keeping a daily journal. Maybe you are like me and never took to journal writing (with a few failed attempts). Personally, it’s always been a challenge to really connect with the writing and to keep up the habit. But to get ready for our past weekend, I decided to use Robin’s four elements for journal writing and commit myself to thirty days of reflections.

He breaks down journal writing into four purposes:

1.       Record daily insights to deepen learning and increase awareness.

2.       Record gratitude shifting the mindset.

3.       Dump your worries on paper to invite in creativity.

4.       Record life’s progress.

Now here is where I get personal.

At the start of this thirty day challenge I was having trouble with my journal writing. I found myself writing to tick off the points. “Have I recorded my daily gratitude, did I put my list of worries onto the page?”

It was far too literal and structured; I couldn’t become immersed in the challenge.

So I decided to get centred. Before picking up that pen I got into my ‘heart’ or center through abdominal breathing When I felt myself move from the head to the heart, when I felt connected through my steady full breaths, then I picked up the pen and took to writing.

What flowed following that meditation was shocking. It was deep, it was without a list, it covered whatever was inside my heart and left all the ‘head’ logistics of the daily chores aside. And in doing that, the journal writing has become a way to leave my worries on the page. It gives me a chance to connect with myself, and not with my schedule. And while I still use Robin’s four points, coupling that with the centering experience has made journal writing so much better.

Do you create a “space” within yourself before journal writing? Do you write in a journal, or have you found it difficult? I’ve found the experience to be a release for my soul. And while not everyone is going to connect with this experience, I want to challenge you to your own thirty day journey.

Using Robin Sharma’s points above as a guide to get you started. I challenge you to create a space/meditate each morning till you feel centered, and then write a page or so in your journal.

1. Center through abdominal breathing, or whatever meditation you prefer.

2. Write.

3. Continue each day for 30 days.

It’s that simple. If you take on this challenge or add centering/meditation to your future scribbles, I’d love to hear from you and how that experiment impacted your experience.

We’ve heard from big names in the past about the power of writing in journals (ahem, Oprah), and this week we’ll be giving you a bonus Sister Leadership post featuring Terri Wingham of A Fresh Chapter who changed her life after a diagnosis of  breast cancer with journal writing.

In the meanwhile, reaching into the Sister Leadership toolbox, here is a video from Robin Sharma himself explaining his process of journal writing and how you can use it in your daily life. Robin is a strong advocate for journal writing, and often mentions the practice in his books. It’s such a thrill to have seen him in person. Once I get myself back together from the traveling, I’ll try and incorporate some of our takeaways for an upcoming post! Or tweets, or Facebook posts – and by the way, if you aren’t following us on Twitter and Facebook just click through these links to find us 🙂

Robin Sharma Journal

Till next time, be well!


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ360, a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has been coaching high-level women and men for over six years, and is now opening her expertise to those emerging in business. Camille pulls her blog topics from her unique coaching approach that combines her training as a EQi 2.0 and EQ360 certified facilitator with the dig-deeper tools of NLP.

Get in touch here if you’d like to talk with Cam about group or one-on-one coaching, and EQ assessments. With the miracle of Skype and telephones – distance is no issue!


One Response to “Journal Writing Meets Meditation”

  1. MC Lessard June 10, 2013 at 09:54 #

    Thanks for this Cam! As you know, journal writing had been a thorn in my side – i.e. I knew it had great benefits but still was not choosing to make the time for it – until lately when you challenged me. It’s been 10 days now and I have to admit that the few minutes I take to journal are worth the ROI! This said, out of Robin’s 4 purpose points, only 1 and 3 resonate with me. I believe this tool, as any other, provides the greatest benefits when I make use of it as per my preferences. The buoyant sentiment that comes with the confidence of doing things my way is in fact the fuel that I need to keep doing it…my way…oh yeah, I said that already!☺

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