Call for Renaissance Women!! (i.e. YOU)

9 Apr

Following Monday’s post, we’d very much like to hear your version of the 21 century renaissance woman. Are you one, or do you know one? What skills do you have that play upon both the logical and the imaginative? Any great interests that you wouldn’t list on your resume? Do you paint by night, sing in the shower, run calculations in your head and do business by day (and maybe raise a family somewhere in between)?

We’d love to hear your Da Vinci talents – even if you aren’t a master.

Leave a comment or get in touch directly. And if you know someone who fits the renaissance definition, please tell us all about her!

Till next time,



One Response to “Call for Renaissance Women!! (i.e. YOU)”

  1. luckamantra November 8, 2013 at 03:33 #

    Um yip! Modern day renaissance seems to fit me! Artist, photographer, musician (cello, piano, guitar, vocals), entrepreneur, writer, fitness coach…I’ve always had a heck of a time sticking to one particular focus.

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