Why You Should Smile at Strangers

2 Apr

Last week as I was painting a mix media mural with a new friend for the Sunday school program, (thinking about Easter approaching, friendship, the mural and how it all looped together) I started to think about art, inspiration and connessione, which is “a recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena.” Why do some things (be it writing, artwork, music, gardens, meals, people) inspire us so deeply? Is it strictly about the technical excellence, or does it go deeper into the intent and energy behind those creations?

Da Vinci SketchI’m going to tell you a quick (like one paragraph quick) story that might sound crazy. Back when I was in Europe with my family this past autumn, we saw an exhibit that featured Da Vinci. That was inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that he’s become the theme of my blog posts these past several weeks, and will feature in our Da Vinci ‘Renaissance Woman’ post next week. But do you want to know why I was so inspired? It all boils down to one incredible moment. I was at the exhibit and came across his manuscript. Looking at the displayed pages that Leonardo himself had written – all of a sudden I was struck right through the middle with this overwhelming sort of energy and awe.  It’s so hard to say what happened – except to say that I felt deeply and surprisingly connected.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Maybe in church, or in nature, or in a museum looking at a piece of artwork? An overwhelming feeling just filling you up inside?

Da Vinci once said that “Everything comes from everything, and everything is more of everything, and everything returns to everything.”

So if that’s true, then that means we are all connected. There is one big connecting (mind-map-like?) web between us of energy, intention, and results.

And since we just celebrated Easter, I invite you to reflect up on the holiday (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, maybe just think to a different occasion that is important to you and your families).  Take a mindful  moment to reflect on that interconnection in celebration. Whether you attended mass and prayed as a group with your parish, or participated in a large breakfast with family members around the table, or watched children hunt for Easter eggs  – consider the love and renewing intentions behind all those actions, and how well they were received.

When you’ve got that idea of putting forward love, and putting forward creativity, and putting forward intention and how it was received – then think about your daily life. How do you approach your morning ritual? What about the drive to work? The emails you exchange, the meetings held, the day that passes by in the blink of an eye? With everything we’re engaging, that interconnection exists.

Wouldn’t it be something if we all strived to invest in our best with the daily activities, just as you might do on the holidays that mark the calendar? Just imagine all those positive, passion-filled, loving intentions floating around and connecting with everyone who experiences the results. Whether it’s a kind note within an email, or smiling to someone in the hallways, or letting a car merge when the traffic is dense.

Little things are connecting us all  – and in turn, we can pass forward an incredible and inspiring sort of energy. It may sound silly, but if we really are living in a world where everything comes from everything, then it’s well worth trying to fill it with our very best.

What do you think, is there room in business for this sort of forward-thinking approach? Is there room in your daily life? I’d love to hear what you think.

Till next time,


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, bringing her knowledge of resilience, perseverance, and changing perception to others. Camille is currently accepting applications for the Women’s Executive Network  Senior Executives Wisdom Peer Mentoring program. Applications to this exciting and knowledge-sharing program are available here.

Read more from Camille as she aspires to  help women explode their success. For more posts and experiences, join Camille at her Sister Leadership page, connect on Twitter, and follow on Facebook.


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