Five Steps to Becoming Inspired

22 Oct

Have you ever felt part of an otherworldly, spiritual, or a ‘je ne  sais quoi’ experience?

Having just visited Paris for a second time in my life, it brought back memories of my first visit and how I unexpectedly found myself part of something bigger. That  something bigger opened my eyes, it was like tapping into the universal source of inspiration, and it created a rippling impact that would change my life.

And in this post I’m giving you five powerful steps that will connect you to that inspiration source.

But first a tiny “What the heck was that?!” story:

My partner and I were in Paris, beautiful amazing Paris, and had decided to visit this incredible gothic cathedral named Sainte-Chapelle. If you ever swing through France and decide to visit Paris, try and make time for Saint-Chapelle, it’s this huge room that stretches up and up, and the walls are made of stained glass – everywhere is stained glass – so the light shines in and brightens the air with colours, and the images shine with reds, blue, yellows, pink, greens. It’s absolutely amazing.

I remember looking at the veil of Mary when I realized mass was about to start. Being in this incredible location and feeling already quite inspired, I sat down in the pew to join the mass.

That’s when I felt it – BAM! This incredible burst of energy was passing through me – right through my heart. Oh my goodness!  In the first few moments, I tried to solve the mystery: “What was that?” “Where is it coming from?” But as time passed, the questions were replaced with quietness. I felt connected, totally connected to my body, to my surroundings, to the moment.

After that I had a special connection to something I couldn’t touch but knew was real. While I haven’t felt that heart-striking energy blast since, I have been more connected to this quietness in the moment, in my body, in connection with something that feels bigger than myself.

You know when a good idea hits you out of the blue, or you begin working on a project and suddenly you’re in the zone and the ideas begin to flow as your head gets that big-open feeling?  That’s tapping into inspiration. There’s a connection between yourself and the universe that pretty darn hard to understand, but nevertheless exists.

Five steps to Connect with Unlimited Inspiration

  1. Find a place that inspires you.  Maybe it’s your garden, or a nearby park, or a cathedral, or a  lake – whatever. You know what really gets your mind to drop its jaw. Go there. (Although I have say that if you can’t constantly go hiking out to the forest when working, no problem, imagine yourself in that beautiful place wherever is most convenient. Feel the air, hear the echoes, see yourself in that environment.)
  2. Sit down and start breathing. Okay, you’ve been breathing all along, but now begin to notice the ins and outs of your breath.
  3. Allow the  energy of that space to fill you head to toe – see yourself expanding  with it as it fills you up with its beauty, its history, its presence.
  4. Now comes the stillness. You are focused on the present and the space. You are aware of your breath. Sit in this sensation and stay here. Chances are if you’re not accustomed to meditation then your mind will occasionally try and pull you back to the busy world. That is okay. Just gently take yourself back to this stillness.  Stay here as long as your need.
  5. As your meditation comes to an end, be sure to keep a piece of that connection with you. And if you happen to have your project nearby – pick up a pen, or a pencil, or video or voice recorder (something physical) and begin to let your mind (which has just been in a big beautiful connected-to-the-universal-tap-place-of-inspiration) flow into those objects. See what you can create, and please don’t judge the results. Just create and do it non-stop till you can’t go any further.

Tapping into creativity often means tapping into connectivity. You may or may not experience the eye opener of a unexplained energy blast, but you can nevertheless become grounded and opened to all the world’s potential.

It’s not hocus-pocus, it’s about what our minds and bodies are capable of doing. We can tap into great inspiration, and I bet you’ve done it before. So give this a shot and let us know how it works for you.

Till next time,


Camille Boivin is founder of Sister Leadership, bringing her knowledge of resilience, perseverance, and changing perception to others. She aspires to  help women explode their success. For more posts and experiences, join Camille at her Sister Leadership page, connect on Twitter, and follow on Facebook. Welcome to the Sister Leadership community!


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