Giving up the load: allow yourself to release the problem

30 Jul

There are times when we are utterly incapable of managing our circumstances. I’m referring to life’s curve balls such as a cancer diagnosis, death in the family, job loss, car accidents  – those biggies that everyone hopes to avoid. (This may be why when they finally hit, we’re left completely overwhelmed and unprepared – obviously.) But here’s how to conquer that helplessness and hook into your resilience.

While lost in the forest, after hours of aimless walking and no progress, a sense of déjà vu came over me and took me back to the days when I was in treatment for cancer. I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the therapy included chemotherapy, radiation, brachytherapy and immune therapy. If you’ve ever known someone going through their own health battle, than you know how crushing the process can be both on the body and the spirit.  In my journey to health, I lost control of my body and in turn was totally overwhelmed.

Following a suggestion from my mother, I gave up the burden: “Cam, send it to a higher, bigger power,” she suggested. And that is what I did . . . I sent away the obligation, the helplessness, the need to control the situation.

This is what you do when the hugeness becomes too huge:

  • Send it away. Whether you believe in your community, your friends, your family, your God, or the universe undefined . . . chances are you have felt that sense of awe and greatness. Send your confusion over there, let it be absorbed by that higher sense of being.
  • Connect with what feeds your soul. It’s too easy to let the good things be forgotten during hardships, yet it’s in these times that the good things are most important.
  • Ask for help. This is so essential, I cannot emphasize it enough. ASK FOR HELP. So often we brush aside the offers, or our pride prevents us from reaching out. Ask for help, and you will be helped. There is no shame in this gesture; in fact, it takes great courage to let yourself be vulnerable.

Your take away:

  • You cannot control every situation. Follow the tips above and feel your burden lift. I’m not saying the problem will disappear, but it will lighten that weight on your shoulders.

Lost in the forest I asked for help and let the universe take over. I would keep walking, and it would sort out this enormous problem. Never mind that the sun was sinking, I had the big powers sorting out the situation.  And that’s when a squirrel-inspired miracle happened. . . but we’ll save that till the next post. (coming up soon, the most essential tool of empowered success in your professional and person lives. Keep an eye!)

What overwhelming situations have you encountered?

Where do you send the burden when it becomes too much?

Would you share a story about asking for help?


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